When your teeth are white and straight, you feel great and have the confidence to smile more! Life-Centered Dentistry is offering a complete smile makeover. Not only can we fix your teeth, but Dr. Ludwig is offering Botox and fillers to bring out your full beauty potential. Imagine the confidence you will gain with a full smile makeover.

This is not your old school Botox. You won’t get the “frozen” look that is sometimes associated with Botox injections. Our technique will give your face a more relaxed and smoother look, while still letting you show facial expression. It takes 10-14 days to see the full effect of Botox injections and lasts three to four months. Dr. Ludwig is certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

The amount of Botox you need depends on the number of areas you would like done. Areas include your forehead, between your eyebrows, crows’ feet and around your mouth. Dermal fillers, not Botox, are used for your smile lines and the corners of your mouth, as well as for lip enhancement. Expect to see an immediate initial result with the dermal fillers. Dermal fillers last six months.

After ten days, you will see the full effect of both the Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Ludwig will evaluate these areas and then, enhance them, if necessary. There is no additional charge for the enhancement, if you receive 20 units or more of Botox.

Dr. Ludwig has 37 years of experience numbing teeth. That same painless technique is used for Botox injections. With his knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr. Ludwig is very accurate with Botox placement, achieving that smooth look you’re looking for. It’s mostly painless; however, you might experience some bruising. So, don’t schedule these procedures within two weeks of an important event.

Your Botox and dermal filler consult and treatment takes about 45 minutes. This can be done separately or with other routine appointments in our office. Call the office to schedule your consultation. Your smile consultation is complimentary when you receive 20 units or more of Botox. We can tell you your specific cost at that appointment. Payment is due at the time of service.

Botox is not only used for esthetics, but also medical purposes. It can help alleviate TMJ pain, teeth grinding or bruxism, certain headaches, and other facial pain. Look for our next blog for this information.