Children’s Dentistry

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At Life-Centered Dentistry, we want your child’s first visit to be fun. We know you want that, too. That’s why we suggest you bring him/her in some time after the first tooth appears and before the first birthday.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides preventive oral health care and treatment to infants and children through adolescence. This stage of tooth growth can require certain levels of care, which is why seeing one of our skilled dentists is key.

Some concerns and treatments associated with children’s dentistry include:

Baby Bottle Decay

Baby bottle decay is one issue that specifically affects the oral health of babies and infants. It’s caused by liquids containing sugars, including milk, formula, and fruit juices. These sugary liquids pool around the teeth while your baby sleeps with the bottle. This can cause cavities to develop in the upper and lower front teeth. Fortunately, there are easy precautions you can take to prevent this from happening. 

Do not put your child to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk. Also, avoid filling bottles with sugar water, juice, or soft drinks. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure to wipe your baby’s teeth and gums with a clean, damp washcloth once they are finished, and don’t allow them to nurse continuously. 


While you’re probably familiar with fluoride and how it benefits your teeth, it can significantly benefit your child’s teeth as well. As the teeth begin to form and start breaking through the gums, it can strengthen the enamel on their teeth.

In most cities, including Grand Rapids, fluoride is added to the water to help with tooth health and development. If fluoride isn’t in the water you use, we can provide fluoride drops or supplements that you can give to your child daily.

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