Dr. John Ludwig

Dr. John and Dr. Carla Ludwig celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this May 1. They traveled to New Orleans to celebrate, where they spent their honeymoon.  Dr. John and Dr. Carla met at the University of Michigan Dental School their freshman year. As Dr. John likes to say, “It was love at first bite!” (groan)

They got married after the completion of their junior year of dental school and before their senior summer. Yes, they had one week off and took full advantage. After graduating from dental school, they moved to Grand Rapids and joined Dr. Robert Ludwig right here at Life-Centered Dentistry. It was called Ludwig Family Dentistry at that time.


Dr. Ludwig
Dr. Ludwig Family Photo

Dr. Ludwig and His Family

This family picture was taken in September 2015. Pictured beginning at the left is Trevor Farrell, Andrea Ludwig Farrell, Christina Ludwig McCrone, Ashley McCrone, Dr. Carla Ludwig, Jessica Ludwig Perrier, Dax Perrier, Greg Ludwig, Melissa Ludwig, and David Ludwig. None of the six Ludwig siblings lives in Michigan but that does not stop them from getting together. In fact, it gives them more opportunities to travel. The Farrells live in the Lexington, KY area. The McCrones live in Owasso, OK, 20 minutes away from the Perrier’s. Greg Ludwig is in Louisville, KY. Melissa Ludwig lives in Houston, TX near NASA, And David Ludwig completes the travel opportunities living in LA.



Hockey and Hunting

Dr. Ludwig enjoys deer hunting and began hunting with his dad, Dr. Bob Ludwig. He and his brother own land up north near Ferris State University. He prefers bow hunting over rifle and is pictured here with his 2017 6-point deer during archery season. Dr. Ludwig takes time off in the fall to hunt with his son, Greg.

Dr. Ludwig has been the dentist for the Grand Rapids Griffins for 25 years, but did you know that he played hockey, too? Dr. Ludwig started playing hockey after her sons, Greg and David did. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say he started coaching them, which led to his playing career. Some of the most fun he had is when both boys played with him on Sunday nights when they both lived in Grand Rapids. While he has now retired as a player and coach, he still enjoys watching the game.

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Dr. Ludwig