Alaskan Husky

Alaskan HuskyZ! You’ve seen him on the website and on Facebook. You might have even met him at the office. But who is Z?

Z is a happy, lovable,100% Alaskan husky. He is the first dog that is 100% Dr. Ludwig’s. Z originally belonged to Dr. Ludwig’s son-in-law, Dax, but joined the Ludwig household in September 2016 when he was almost three. He is known for his ability to escape from well…lots of places! The garage, his kennel, the bedroom, and he was even seen running down the street dragging his tie out behind him. 

Z also takes his work seriously. While advances in dentistry have made a visit to the dentist much more pain-free and relaxing, some people are still afraid. Enter Z. Some of you have requested him while getting dental work done. 

Alaskan Puppy

Dental therapy dogs are the latest trend in helping reduce anxiety at dental appointments. In fact, research shows that animal companions “lower blood pressure, lower stress and anxiety levels, and stimulate the release of endorphins which make people feel good.” 

Petting Z’s head can help relax the tensest person. Whether you want to pet him, have his head or paw on your lap or hug him, Z is at Life-Centered Dentistry to help you have your best appointment ever. You might even decide you can’t wait to come back! 

Next time you’re in the office, say hi to Z.