Were you a patient of Dr. Carla Ludwig? Ever wonder what she’s been up to? Glad you asked. After staying home to raise her six children, who are now all grown and out of the house, she is busy with her nonprofit, Hope for Single Moms. She started the organization five years ago. Basically, she uses her experience as a mother to help others. In fact, her handle is, Ur4everMom.

Hope for Single Moms helps single moms write their own Cinderella story. How cool is that! That happens when single moms go back to school and get a career education, resulting in better-paying jobs! These families move from poverty to prosperity (from rags to riches) with this “teach-a-woman-to-fish” approach.

Donors and volunteers are essential characters to the Cinderella story. Donors remove the financial barriers while a single mom is a student; volunteers serve as a single mom’s “second family” and are her cheerleaders and encouragers while in school and as she transitions back into the workforce. Dr. Ludwig likes to say helping our clients “is like loving your daughter.”

As the founding director of Hope for Single Moms, it is Dr. Carla’s privilege to be able to give the women who call hope– hope for their future, their children’s futures and the hope that someone cares about them and their children. Qualified applicants receive a personalized educational path with a network of support to help them achieve their goal of financial stability. Two generations of lives are changed for the better. Life-Centered Dentistry is a proud supporter of Hope for Single Moms and in helping make West Michigan a better place for families!

Dr. Ludwig still finds time to help behind the scenes at Life-Centered Dentistry. She also travels out of state monthly to visit one of her six children, four sons-in-law and six grandchildren. She is looking forward to the arrival of two more—one in March and another in July.

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