Every quarter Life-Centered Dentistry focuses on a service

and offers an incentive to promote your dental well-being.

Cosmetic bonding is a process where we apply a tooth-colored substance to the tooth and artistically smooth and sculpt it back to its original look and feel. It’s the same process we use to repair cavities with a tooth-colored filling material and have great results.

The process is simple, requires no anesthesia, and is one of the least expensive options to repair your smile. Bonded teeth are also strong and durable, and because we’re perfectionists when it comes to color-matching, they look like your adjacent teeth.

NOW! is the time to get ready for…

senior pictures

engagement and wedding pictures

job interviews…

or just wanting to look your best!

Now through the end of June we are offering 10% off of cosmetic bonding.

You may be surprised how easy it is to put that smile back in business – and join the ranks of many of our patients who have done the same.

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