To: Everyone in the Life-Centered Dentistry Family!

We hope this message finds you all healthy, happy, and not too bored!

It has been a challenging several weeks, and this time off has reinforced my thoughts that I am definitely not ready to retire. I’m sick of splitting firewood, cleaning and organizing, and movies. We all are so excited to get ready to start caring for you again!

We will continue with our same commitment of “Caring For Your Total Well-Being”, but it will look a little differently, at least at first.

Health and safety have been important to us for over 38 years, dealing with many different health concerns, as they have arisen. We have always exceeded OSHA standards, and follow ADA and CDC guidelines, but we are now raising it to an even higher level.

Many of you already know we have expanded our office, adding a new state-of-the-art sterilization center, three treatment rooms, a new entrance with a ramp, a new A.D.A. accessible bathroom, a new business office, and a new reception area. This extra room gives us many advantages in keeping everyone safer in this challenging time, including:

  • Patients will be seated in their own private, clean room, with no shared reception room.
  • Rooms will be empty 1 hour between patients for air purification, aerosol settling, and cleaning.
  • Our new sterilization center has already been in use a few months.
  • We have added ultra-HEPA air filtration to each treatment room, as well as business areas.
  • Plexiglas sneeze guards will help protect everyone at the front desk business areas.
  • We have added UV-C light sterilization units.
  • Team and patients will be screened daily, with touch-less thermometers and health questions.
  • Our new PPE includes masks, shields, and gowns. We may look differently next time you’re in!

Your first appointment back will look a little differently, as well:

  • You will be greeted upon entrance. If you are not wearing a mask one will be given to you.
  • Your temperature will be taken with a touch-less thermometer; it needs to be less than 100.4.
  • We have hand sanitizer that we will ask you to use.
  • You will be asked a few questions about health symptoms, travel, and contact with Covid-19.
  • Then you will be escorted to your room, and any desired refreshments will be brought to you.
  • One caregiver or family member may come in. They will wear a mask and face shield also.
  • We will give you a pre-rinse to use before any treatment begins.

Our return start date is not set yet. Personally, I am hoping for June 1st, but it will depend on the Governor and our ability to get the PPE we need to safely re-open.

There have been amazingly few emergencies during this time of shut-down, demonstrating the high level of oral health that you all desire and the level of care that you receive.

I really appreciate your attitude of wanting the best care, and your decisions to be pro-active in treating potential problems before they become a disaster.

Proper treatment on time is the best, most comfortable, most convenient, and most economical care possible. I’m really looking forward to providing it for you again!

Stay safe and see you soon!

Drs John and Carla Ludwig and Team