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What is laser dentistry?​

At Life-Centered Dentistry, we use a soft-tissue dental laser for many procedures, which decreases your pain and recovery time.

While there are many uses for a dental laser, in general, a laser results in faster healing time. It also minimizes bleeding and swelling. You will have less pain during and after a procedure, faster recovery time, and it may even eliminate the need for stitches.

Basically, a laser in dentistry acts as a cutting instrument. It uses focused light energy to cut with. Gum tissues can be sculpted or removed. When a laser is used for teeth-whitening procedures, the laser acts as a heat source and increases the effectiveness of the tooth-bleaching agents.

Laser dentistry increases your comfort during dental procedures, can decrease your stress because procedures take less time, contributes to more predictable treatment outcomes and can you save money.

Life-Centered Dentistry uses the Epic laser in a number of different procedures, including:


  • Bacterial Reduction – Painless procedure that eliminates bacteria during your cleaning so that it is not introduced into your bloodstream, improving your oral health.
  • Crown Lengthening – The laser can gently trim away excess gum tissue to improve your smile’s appearance.
  • Desensitizing – Epic can be used on exposed root surfaces to reduce sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Pain Relief – We can use the laser as a therapeutic device to promote blood flow to painful areas and relax tense muscles, thus providing fast relief.
  • Periodontal (gum) Therapy – It reduces active disease-causing bacteria beneath the gum line.
  • Removing Oral Lesions – Canker sores and cold sores can cause significant pain. The Epic laser can remove such lesions and provide fast relief.
  • TMJ – A bio-stimulation procedure to reduce inflammation in the joint.
  • Teeth Whitening – In one visit (often 90 minutes), the Epic laser can dramatically whiten your teeth.
  • Tongue tied – It releases (cuts) the tissue that is holding the tongue (tied).

Ask your dentist or dental hygienist if laser dentistry is right for you at your next appointment.